Strain Theory- Blog 4

Societies are characterized by both culture and social structure. The strain theory states that structures in our society can push people to commit crimes. We all have the same goals its how we go about achieving that goal that differs. What makes Merton’s deviance typology interesting is that everyone falls somewhere of his types regardless of your situation and anyone can easily become a deviant and turn to deviance in the pursuit of accepted social goals and values.  The achievement of economic success in the U.S. is a great example that explains the structural strain theory. In Merton’s Innovation theory the innovators are the people who sell illegal drugs have rejected the accepted norms for making money and are deviant in the way they get it. They reject the traditional and/or legitimate means of attaining their goals. Though illegal by selling drugs they still share the same cultural accepted value of making money. Resulting in deviance being accepted as norms sometimes. Money can be the enemy and lead to evil; people are sometimes willing to do anything for it.


One response to “Strain Theory- Blog 4

  1. #2.I certainly agree that our “Societies are characterized by both culture and social structure.” Our culture establishes certain goals for individuals in society to meet. On the other hand our social structure accommodates the means for individuals to achieve goals. We often see those who do not always achieve their goals due to certain social status or circumstances. This is where I find Merton’s Deviance Typology theory fascinating as well since most people employ in deviant behavior, more than we think. Deviance is subjected to social interpretation because it depends on who is defining it and what is considered wrong or the means behind it. I believe that deviance is situational specific; it is paradoxical to differentiate deviant behavior from conventional behavior because they have the same aim but are violating another.

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