Blog #1 Marx

When reading about Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, one of the things that stood out to me was how little our class structure has changed throughout history. Similar to today’s upper class, the bourgeoisie were the ruling class that controlled all of capital as well as the means of production. And then there was the proletariat, who were comparable to our working class today. The bourgeoisie held all the power which leads me to believe that the expression “The rich get richer, and the poor gets poorer” has existed throughout time. Due to the inherent class struggle that came with this division, Marx made an effort to promote his idea of class consciousness. The purpose of Marx’s efforts to promote class consciousness was to spread awareness of the proletariat’s importance when it came to the means of production. Marx had hopped that this awareness would  kick-start a revolution of the working class against the capitalists and they would become more than just the “wage earning” class. There has been an ongoing effort to eliminate the class separation for centuries, and reading this   me question if there will ever be a viable solution to this matter.


2 responses to “Blog #1 Marx

  1. Although, class consciousness has been widespread it still hasn’t really kicked started a revolution and honestly I still don’t think it will until a very long time! For the reason being that the capitalist not only own the means of production but because of the “inheritance of class struggle “as you mention; being born in the working class limits you right from the start giving you a disadvantage in reaching any social mobility. In addition the wealth gap is still too immense to fill. As the rich get richer it will only get harder for the working class. I definitely agree when Karl Marx stated that the ownership of property has a lot to do with wealth disparities. I also feel like the revolution hasn’t happen just yet because the capitalist are quite smart and strategic. They have used
    Alienation as a tool to tamed the working down. They also use mass media to project false ideologies of of helping the working class, When in reality this is not the case they use this mask to cover the ugly truth behind their motives!!

  2. I can agree with the quote “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. The ruling class will always try what ever they need to do to make sure the working class stays in their class. The ruling class’ goal is just to make money and having some type ownership and in order for them to do so they must set boundaries and cheat the working class from their earnings just so they can make more profits. Everyone must work in order to survive so it is impossible for someone of the working class to avoid the authority of the ruling class. It is for that reason that a revolution has not started. The ruling class gives the working class no option to start one. The working class can’t fight off their own means to survival unfortunately.

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