Blog #2 Emile Durkheim

Durkheim defines crime as an act that offends very strong collective sentiments. He then goes on to explain that crime is present in all of the different types of societies. The question is then presented, is crime not only inevitable but normal as well? Initially my response to this proposal was yes, crime is inevitable but I still was unsure if I would classify it as normal. As I continued to read about Durkheim’s outlook on crime I began to see it in a new light. He suggests that crime is not only inevitable but necessary as well. Crime allows society to make necessary changes. At first I was confused as to what crime and progress had anything to do with each other. Durkheim explains that crime keeps society open to change and helps shape the changes that will be taking place. I found it very interesting that Durkheim removed the negative association that comes with crime and provides a more positive light on the issue. Crime is apparently not the evil action that we believe it to be but a necessary function of society instead.


One response to “Blog #2 Emile Durkheim

  1. Well I think Durkheim is not saying that crime is not an evil action, but he is saying that as time passes and society progresses what was once perceive as crime is not anymore. I believe killing a person will always be a crime and I don’t think that would change no matter how progressive our society becomes.

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