Blog 2: Gillman. What if the roles were reversed?

In the video linked above, Oppressed Majority, is a great short film that helps to give us some perspective about the what it would be like if gender roles were to be reversed in our society. In the video we see that the division of labor in the family has been flipped on its head, and now instead of the traditional patriarchal roles that consist of women taking on the role as care taker, we now have the husband acting as care taker. In addition to the familial roles being reversed, we also notice that the social interactions have also been turned.
The father in this short story is silenced by the police officer as well as his own wife following his assault, he is also subjugated to being objectified by the women that he encounters.
The world illustrated in this video, parallels the one that we live in today. In our world that we experience is riddled with the subjugation of women/womenly bodies. Gillman also illustrates the subjugation of women in our world in her short story “The yellow Wallpaper”.
In a parallel world in which women have the upper hand in the interaction, women are free to express themselves and have the privileged of asserting space, while men are subject to silence, discrimination, violence and the plague of being invisible, of existing in the world but not being appreciated.

One of my critiques of this video: I must admit that while the video gives a great perspective about what it would look like if the roles of gender socialization were reversed, there is a gross misrepresentation about what feminism stands for. Feminism does not call for the roles to be reversed and to subject men to discrimination, but rather the goal of feminism, in my opinion is to vouch for the rights of all, to rid society of economic and political disparities that exist for women, and men of all nationalities.


2 responses to “Blog 2: Gillman. What if the roles were reversed?

  1. Thanks again for bringing this useful video to my attention. I think your critique is on point — reversing gender roles is not the goal. It’s to make societal roles less “gendered,” to reduce economic and political disparities tied to gender.

  2. I think that if roles were practiced in the opposing sex such as men they would appreciate women more because they don’t truly realize that the norms of what they consider women to do is not easy. it will also make men more versatile and more to offer the same way as having women work helps provide more the family as well.

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