Blog #3 Simmel (Video: Seoul Fashion Week: K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery)

Fashion is a part of our everyday life. It is constantly being displayed in the media through music videos, magazines, and infomercials. This video showed me no matter where you are, fashion is used to express your emotions and personality. But how far are people willing to go to achieve perfection in fashion? There is a constant change within the fashion industry, but some perceive fashion differently than others. Georg Simmel says fashion is a form of a social relationship. It also allows some to be individualistic by deviating from the norm. The first stage everyone adopts what is fashionable but with such a wide variety most adopt a whole new view of what they consider fashion. For example, there was an individual dressed like a “Punk”, it’s believed that they have an anti-established way of life. But when asked this individual says “The reason why i dress this way is simply because it’s my fashion” and also states “i am far from an outlaw”. Just based on what he was wearing he was stereotyped.


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