Blog #3 – Simmel

When discussing Simmel, he talks about a duality between individuals.  He explains that society needs a mixture of both positivity and negativity in the world.  The duality that Simmel talks about is between love and hate, one aspect cannot exist without the other.  Simmel believes that the concept of society is an event that is constantly ongoing through interaction between different individuals throughout society.  He uses the word sociation, instead of society because sociation puts an emphasis on the interaction between the relation and the process that it goes through.  He also talks about how Sociology should focus on interaction and group characteristics.  

Sociability and coquetry were two topics that were related to Simmel.  Sociability refers to the play- form association within an interaction.  Serious topics are not to be discussed during sociability, the interaction should be fun.  Sociability is hard to maintain because some people may redirect the conversation make it too serious.  Coquetry is described as a flirtation between people.  Coquetry is like a natural interaction where one person alternates between denial or consent.  It is something like a game of tease where one person leads on another person making them feel like there’s hope without the interaction becoming too serious.  


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