Blog #3 Weber

The Movie “The House of Sand and Fog” captured many of Weber’s “ideal types” of social actions. The movie provided a modern spin on Weber’s idea of traditional,value-rational, affective and Instrumental- rational social actions. The movie also provides evidence that a person’s culture and background play a large role in their social actions.  One example from the movie that stood out to me was when the police officer planted the drugs on the offender that had been beating his wife. This is an example of Weber’s idea of a value-rational social action. Planting the drugs falls under this ideal type because the police officer did so based on his on conscious belief that the man would end up in jail anyway, and he would be saving the man’s wife from his abuse in the mean time. Overall the movie contained many examples of Weber’s theories and the modern take on them helped me to better understand the information.


3 responses to “Blog #3 Weber

  1. mockingbird26

    Yes I agree, the movie “The house of sand and fog” is an excellent representation of Weber’s ideal types as well as a representation of a person’s struggle to reach the american dream and maintain a high status. we can see this representation through Buroni and his effort (having two jobs, saving even a penny) to give his family and himself a good economic status as they used to have when he was a general back in his country.

  2. i agree that his culture does play a huge factor in his social actions. The Mr. Behrani treats his wife, makes it seen like he’s coming from a Patriarchal society back in his home country Iran. He belittles her and shows excessive force and dominance towards her.

  3. I aggree that House of sand and fog has many examples of Webers theories. It shows how much status means to people and how unrealistic the idea of the American dream is.

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