Blog #4 Strain Theory

The strain theory suggests that the structures in one’s society may indeed shape their reactions and actions to the problems in their life. So one who maybe from that of a poorer neighborhood may commit more crimes than that of one form a more rich neighborhood.  The society of one can push that person to commit crimes. They may not have enough to eat, they may need food for their children, Merton explains this by showing us that it could have been anyone. Everyone is not put in a predicament where they have to do what they must to survive. Everyone does not have to struggle from the bottom because the society they came up they did not see much bad or crimes. In most urban areas there in something called “ the underground economy”. It is just as competitive as any wall street or corporation. In this underground economy there are drug lords and they drugs and have workers, just as any corporation. Some see this as deviant and criminal act but Merton explains it a little differently. In his innovation theory the innovators are those who have turned against the accepted norms for making money. They are seen as rebels and undisciplined because they have chosen another path to get to the same goals as everyone else. Even though it is illegal to sell drugs they have in common the same cultural values of making money and making a means for life. In today’s world you need money to do everything. Its almost a fact now. Especially if you live in the United States were most is industrialized. Maybe if you go away to another country you can live on your own without paying for everything but money is they key to everything. So with that you must understand that people will do anything for it if they do not have which is were all the crimes may stem from.


One response to “Blog #4 Strain Theory

  1. i agree that in certain societies the structure has a great deal of how it may influence an individual. certain situations lead to why people choose the path they do it may be for survival or whether its for the fame to look cool however selling drugs dropping out of school lack of resources to keep people off the streets are not available in certain communities where people have to fend for themselves

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