Blog #4 The Yellow Wallpaper

As soon as I began reading “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gillman it was very evident that the narrator and her husband did not have an equal partnership. The woman was consistently being regarded to in an inferior manner. The further on that I read, it became clear that this man was not only her husband but he doctor as well. Being that he was not only the superior male in the relationship but the medical professional as well, his prognosis of her “insanity” would never be questioned during this time. The fact that the narrator did not fulfill typical responsibilities of her gender roles was enough to deem her crazy.  The lack of respect that society had for women during this era was nothing short of repulsive. I believe that the Yellow Wallpaper was meant to symbolize the liberation of women. Yet this made me question how much progress we have actually made as women to date. Although women are the closest we have ever been to our male counterparts equal, we are still not quite there yet. A man and a woman can have the same job title, for the same cooperation and work all of the same hours, yet the man will always make more than the woman. This reveals that although woman have made tremendous progress, they are still somewhat inferior to men as they were in the age of “The Yellow Wallpaper.”


8 responses to “Blog #4 The Yellow Wallpaper

  1. Totally agree that no one would question his diagnosed as he could be related to her in some way. I know that it seems that we haven’t made progress as women but we did . things are better and yes men always try to maintain their superiority however it is for us women to stand our ground. The way to go is to be independent of them and not dependent as that give them the opportunity or them feeling the right to govern over women. yes the Wallpaper is a symbol of our liberation or at least the beginning.

  2. mockingbird26

    The Yellow Wallpaper is an important and beautiful story written by Gilman in which she incorporates parts of her life to demonstrate how women felt during that period and how society treated them (inferior to men). The wallpaper represents her trying to escape from her husband when she wrote that she saw a woman trapped by bars trying to escape the wallpaper.

  3. In patriarchal institutions, women face authority by “The Man” and “The Doctor”, both of whom claim they know what is best for her. In the Yellow Wallpaper, Gilman explains that women start to become depressed and have psychological issues because of the way they are being treated and undermined. It is sad that issues Gilman faced are still presented in women today in some cultures. Below is a narrative from the Yellow Wallpaper.

  4. The women who fought in the women right movement are such and inspiration because they stand up to the patriarchal institution that who keep them submissive and in a psychological bandage. Charlotte Gillman gave us a glimpse of what women where going through on a emotional level and how she was care for during a time of distress. It is a remarkable that she was able to write the yellow wallpaper and had it published with all she had gone through.

  5. Listen, believe me women should get the most respect. However, my question is, am I being disrespectful for opening and holding the door for women, offering to pay, If I do the inviting for dinner. Just curious. It is 2014. Don’t want to upset anyone.

  6. The Yellow Wallpaper is the most beautiful expression of how a man demands his patriarchal role onto a woman and the emotional roller coaster a women faces during this period in time which is this case happens to be insanity.

  7. That being said, I’m not trying to put down guys because during that time, it was normal behavior for a guy to do this. But going back to the original post, i agree although a lot has changed like the influence of media and women movements that take place, but if you think about the stuff t hat goes on now in terms of gender roles in a tones down version of what happened in the past. Maybe not something so dramatic like bars on the windows but women are still limited in so many ways like you said in the job market. I kind oh think that every time we say a lot has changed we are fooling ourselves just a little bit because there are still so many issues that women face that are right under the surface but basically come from all the same concerns the girls in the past had except its not broadcasted. Instead, we have things like miss America programs that celebrate women’s beauty but honestly she you see that program all you’re thinking is that this a competition that based on who’s more beautiful and how to be just beautiful which is exactly what was expected of us back in the day.

  8. I completely agree with this. Its crazy how women have fought for rights yet we’re still not completely equal to men. But there are still countries where women dont have as many rights as we do. Its a work in progress and im hoping one day everyone will be equal.

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