Blog #5 Merton

Merton explains why nonconformity and deviance occurs. The reason being that people sometimes become pressured that they must conform to society. Some do conform but some do not. Those that do not conform may take deviant actions to show that they do not agree with something that is being done. In the video we watched in class, a protest was being done by a large number of people. I believe this to be the action Merton produced, known as rebellion” Rebellion refers to the role behavior of political deviants, who attempt to transform the existing structure of society”. Those people took action on what they believed was right by protesting. They went out and tried to fight for what they wanted to really get their message heard. Another point that was mentioned in class was the fact that now rebellion is not being displayed as much as it used to in the past or at least differently. People now do not take action to change things the same way, we are too technologically invested to do something. Most people just sit around on their phones and computers and are not willing to go protest for something they believe in. If there was an issue that they wanted to change, the most rebellious thing they may do is post something up online about it. Which is obviously not enough and will not change anything. It just shows how much has changed throughout the years. 


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