Blog #5 Merton theory

Mertons theory of deviance is quite interesting. Society tends to categorize the poor or the unfortunate as those who commit crimes as they see that the unfortunate has nothing to value so they tend to commit questionable acts. However Merton thinks that its the social structures in our society today that help influence who commits crimes. Merton also explains that those how and why people commit crimes are based on their morals and values. This i think is something we all can agree on, ultimately its ones morals or values that determine if they’ll commit a crime. Being poor or unfortunate may play a bit of a role or be a factor as well but someone being poor that grew up the “correct way” may not commit a crime as one who grew up rich and brought up the “wrong way”. Crimes are not committed based on your social status, its committed based on your values. It may just be that those with lower class status are those who don’t have as much values as those with a higher status.(not saying its true just giving an example)



2 responses to “Blog #5 Merton theory

  1. Society does characterize the lower middle class and low class citizens as deviants. Growing up and being associated with friends of the same race as me would walk into stores and be constantly watched. At a young age i never knew why, until I got older to realize that i was being labeled as a “criminal.” It has been proven that less fortunate individuals have a stronger family tie, which morals and values are taught at a young age. I full agree with you saying that crimes are not being committed based on your social status, but your morals and values. But targeting the poorer class, you are more likely to catch them doing deviant acts, because they’re constantly under a microscope.

  2. No matter what happens, criminal acts, other acts that are considered deviant, will always be sensationalized and associated with the lower class, because of ones lower class status. Key word LOWER!

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