Blog #5 Sex Workers

According to Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild “A number of young women and girls, due to dire poverty, are, knowingly or unknowingly, forced into prostitution. These trends are another part of the current globalization process.” The issue of sex work has been problematic throughout history and is still present today even though many try to deny the existence. Although slavery has long been abolished, many people still find themselves enslaved due to economic and social circumstances. Sex work is a major problem, in which many refugees seeking a “better life” end up at the mercy of those who are supposed to be helping them. Social classes are difficult to escape, especially when the lower classes have few options when it comes to education and other resources. Most of these countries are set up to make it easy for the rich to get richer, but it is much harder for the poor to climb out of poverty. I believe, that Sex work becomes not only an issue of gender but of class.


6 responses to “Blog #5 Sex Workers

  1. Sex workers shouldn’t be stigmatized so negatively! I can agree with you when you mention that social classes are hard to escape from and that most countries are constructed for the rich to get richer and for the poor to get poorer. Although, the problem of prostitution has been problematic throughout history it’s also one of the oldest professions born in Egypt, which makes it even harder to extract from society and it’s still a gate way for many from poverty. In third world countries options are extremely limited and opting to be a sex worker seems like the only way out for a ” better life” as you mention. The limitations of education which is something so necessary is non existent in these individual’s life, which also plays a big role of why they make the chooses they do and sex work definitely goes hand in hand with gender and class.

  2. I would agree with you and say that sex work is something many try to deny the existence of and is a class issue, I believe it is taboo. Anything taboo is considered out of the norm and sex work definitely is that. I feel that it’s not something that’s chosen though some do, if you ask if that was their first preference they would respond no but because of how high cost of living has gotten or slim to no opportunities they have no choice or better yet some are forced into it and have no way out. Regardless those sex workers are all in vulnerable positions making it easier for someone to take advantage of them.

  3. Nice post, S. All too often, sex work is viewed through a narrow, moral lens. The perspective here is appropriately sociological and multidimensional. We could ask what Gilman would think of this. While sex work may offer financial independence. Gilman would probably not approve of women relying on “sexuality” to achieve it, reflecting her own cultural biases and assumptions.

  4. Sex work I believe is definitely an issue of gender and class. It is one of those issues in society that publicly sounds nice to say we are freed from but deep down into poor neighborhoods we know it still exists. I don’t know anyone that has a lot of knowledge about it, but, i do think that there is always a way out for help whether it is a voluntary action or not.

  5. Sex work is a major problem today just as it was before. Women are seen as objects because of the things They do to survive. Many times we are so quick to judge without taking in counter that many of these women have no choice but to turn to prostitution. They need to do this in order to provide for themselves and their children. Sex work is both a gender and class issue and for many women it is difficult to escape that social class. Gilman would definitely not approve of women turning in their sexuality for financial independence.

  6. I agree with you that sex work may be an issue of class and should be abolished but regarding slavery being abolished, im not 100% sure but I think theres still signs of slavery in the world but that should be abolished too. If only we can do it.

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