Blogpost #5-Goffman

As we were reviewing about the different theorists today i found myself rethinking about Goffman and how stigmas are such a relevant part of our society today and how it differs from place to place. A stigma in lamest terms in the idea of labeling someone based on a trait and ultimately putting them down. Obviously, this is common everywhere from school to any other institutions we can think of. I personally have been in new york all my life so i beleive that stigmas are less likely in the big populated cities because people try so hard to break free from them. For example, in the city you can literally find a very well dressed person and think there this big shot buisness man but then there actually like artists or musicians or you can have a woman in drabby boring loose clothes thats like a police detective. I think the reason for this is in big cities people use fashion as ways of disidentifers. This connects to Simmel’s duality of fashion as it can help in the individuals trying to distingush themselves from others but at the same time try to fit in. At the end of the day i think stigmas are inevitable and its something we really cant escape no matter how we change our appearences or characteristics. 


3 responses to “Blogpost #5-Goffman

  1. I completely agree with you in how there are some people who may dress a certain way that does not necessarily reflect them on what they actually do or who they are. A label is something no one wants to be put on them. So if they are not seen as something then they won’t get labeled. It doesn’t necessary mean that they are a against it but for the example of a detective that you mentioned. It makes perfect sense for them to dress less professional, to be seen as a normal citizen while they are undercover.

  2. I also agree with what you said about stigmas being less in big cities because we see it all in NYC and are just more used to seeing strange things. You can never make assumptions about anyone, because just like you said, although the clothes may be throwing you off ( if they are not nice) they could still be making alot of money and be very highly qualified. Stigma is a natural feeling humans get, so its just something we got to learn to deal with.

  3. I agree with you regarding New Yorkers using fashion as disidentifiers. I think fashion is a widely used disidentifier in a lot of the big cities as well. People tend to dress and look like more than what they can afford. I do also agree with you stating that stigmas are less likely in big cities cause things that used to be out of the ordinary are more common for us in NY, cause we’ve basically seen it all.

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