Fashion is something we cannot escape. Every morning when you get up it is a norm that you have to get dressed. And although some may not consider themselves as a fashion person, there is a style for everything. Everyone may not even be thinking fashion when they are getting dressed though. Some may be just dressing comfortable but in every way possible it is indeed fashion. These clothes represent who you are and almost represent what group of people you belong too whether it be, athletes, skaters,beach bums, whatever group you consider to be apart of, these clothes are your first line of assurance. What you wear gives people an idea of who you are, where you are from and perhaps what group in society you belong too. Its not all the time that this is correct but for the most part it is. Those who may reside in Atlanta have a certain look to them or certain fashion which will help people distinguish from those who may reside in Philadelphia who have their own ways of dressing. Fashion of today’s world is like technology, its mover faster and faster everyday. Everyday there is a new gadget and just like that in fashion everyday there is new sneakers, shirts, clothes people are becoming so innovative that everything, and color you want may be accessible with the click of a button. Some people are fashionistas and they keep up with it all and others maybe don’t for personal or financial reasons. Whatever the reason is they do this because there is a certain image they want people to have of them so they dress a certain way. What needs to be understood is that clothes can only do but so much for you and your image and that there are many other ways you can shape your image.


One response to “FASHION- BLOG # 3

  1. I definitely agree with your point of view on fashion. Fashion is something that we definitely cannot escape or get rid of. Sad to say, a lot of us are labeled by our fashion and the way we dress. For example, if we were to see a guy with paint all over his shoes and clothes some people would label him as a painter and some would view him as dirty. Whether we like it or not, the way we dress does affect how we are viewed today in society.

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