Fashion in Asia

The day Professor Hala shared the video on fashion in Korea with us in class was very interesting. I heard about many women getting surgeries in Korea but didn’t think it was that extreme. One part of the video a fashion designer said he wants more natural looking girls now which goes back to the idea that once many people dress a certain way then its not fashion anymore; since many girls in Korea get plastic surgery, it is no longer “fashionable” to be unnatural. It also didn’t surprise me how girls in Asia want to look like a white woman because its “beautiful”. When I was in high school, my mother had asked if I wanted to get plastic surgery on my nose so it would be skinnier and pointier, of course I said no but Asian parents have this idea of perfection, perfection in school grades, career, and beauty which then grows on the child. It’s not a bad thing to strive for perfection but when it comes to a point to thinking a certain race is perfection and beauty thus changing your entire facial feature to achieve this, then that isnt fashion nor perfection in my eyes.


One response to “Fashion in Asia

  1. i agree with this 100%, this video really caught my eye too. It is said that Asian parents have this idea of perfection, along with the fashion industry. But who determines what physical characteristics are deemed perfect? How do we define perfection? People come in all different shapes and sizes and we are all unique in our own individual way

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