Goffman, Stigma

Reading this article I was actually pretty sad, when he talks about how people live a lie basically just to make other people more comfortable it was really sad to me “When jokes were made about `queers’ I had to laugh with the rest, and when talk was about women I had to invent conquests of my own. I hated myself at such moments, but there seemed to be nothing else that I could do. My whole life became a lie.60 ”
At a very young age I learned how dangerous it could be to label people, because people will feel this strange need to live up that label whether good or bad. And sometimes if people are stigmatized they feel embarrassed if they are either not what people think or if they are exactly what people sterol type them to be.


2 responses to “Goffman, Stigma

  1. Most times people are stigmatized. It is very sad to see that some people hide who they really are just to not be depressed and seen negatively. We should not label people, everyone should be free to be who they are without being oppressed. Many people are so evil and don’t see the harm they are doing to others when they are constantly calling them names without taking in mind how that person feels and what they go through. I agree this article is very sad to read and gives you another perspective of those being stigmatized.

  2. I agree and it is very sad that we need to identified to some kind of label to make other comfortable. Even though it is something I truly dislike I still feel it is human nature to label someone, we have all done it at sometime in our lives. I agree that everyone should be able to choose and being stigmatized is terrible, but i do not think is something that is going to disappear anytime soon.

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