Merton and Anomie Blog #5

Anomie defined by Merton is the social strain and mismatch between culturally prescribed goals and our socially constructed means to achieve those goals, meaning when we set a goal to what limit are we willing to go for it. To what extent will we achieve this goal? Everyone wants to be rich but to what extent do you do anything it takes? Some people go after this goal by what he calls retreatism, meaning not even trying to deal with what comes with society and the way they want to go about it. Not trying to get a job or go to school. In Merton’s words “ rejecting the goals and pressures of society”. Someone who does not want to deal with this maybe one who looks for an alternative route. One who tries to feel better about themselves and doesn’t want to care about a thing in the world. People who overdose on drinking and drugs. Now in contrast to this those who are ritualist actually follows what society does but have different expectations. They don’t expect to achieve that of the same goals that some of his or her compadres may be expecting.  A rebellion rejects both the entire society and the entire means in which they may become deviant.


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