Post #5- women & globalization

Globalization has changed the lives of women from rich and poor countries. Because many women from wealthier countries are entering more male dominated careers, which means spending more time at work rather than the home, women from poor countries are migrating to take on those jobs in the home such as maids and nannies. Because of this women often leave their families back home, but this is encouraged by their country because they are more like to send at least half to almost all of their earnings back to their country


This is something I can relate to because this is how my mother and her family immigrated to America. In the 1980’s my mother came to America as a nanny for a family in Long Island. She worked hard and supported her parents and brother back home. When she became a citizen, she was able to find a better, stable job, and become a career woman in the field of property management. Because of this, she brought her cousin and sister-in-law from the Philippines to America to help raise my sister and I and care for the house. They too were able to become citizens and find jobs in the health care fields. They all have families back home that 75% of their annual income is sent back home to help support them. Even though their family members have stable jobs in the Philippines and all their wages combined, my mother and my aunts are still their breadwinners.



One response to “Post #5- women & globalization

  1. Thanks for sharing your family’s compelling story — it sounds very much like the (international) American Dream in the age of globalization.

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