Sociability and Simmel

According to Simmel, sociability is defined as a playful form of socializing, that is, a pleasurable experience that comes our of a persons interaction in society. This situation would occur when you’re enjoying the time spent with other people for the sheer delight of enjoying the conversation or interaction with the other person. Sociability disregards social status or positioning and basically reality so people just enjoy the conversation. I’ve come across sociability when going out with colleagues and managers after work. Having gone out with my boss, managers and colleagues, we are all on the same level even though at work, the managers and my boss are at a higher level than I, we simply have conversations and socialize just for the pure joy of socializing with each other. Whether or not the other people felt that way, I’m not quite sure but I experienced sociability. 


One response to “Sociability and Simmel

  1. I find that most people socialize for some type of gain. I recently went out with some friends from work, and found that most were out to gossip or complain about something going at work. Tried to find a conversation base on playfulness, it a beautiful day, didn’t happen.

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