Social Stigma

The definition of social stigma is a “severe disapproval of a person because of a particular trait that indicates their deviance from social norms”. When hearing about social stigma in class I thought about middle eastern Muslim women wearing a hijab or burqa as a veil to cover their body and their face out of respect to their religion and society. But according Erving Goffman, stigmatized people are people that don’t have full social acceptance and are constantly striving to adjust their social identities like mental patients, drug addicts, prostitutes, etc. Social norms control much of society therefore having people sort of lose a sense of self as trying to keep up with social norms and steering clear from being a social stigma if that makes any sense.


One response to “Social Stigma

  1. mockingbird26

    Yes, stigmas are still present and there are many kinds of stigmas all around us. The view of alcohol and drug addiction is seen as a weakness and a moral failing and is still very deep-rooted in our society. But there are not the only group that has been stigmatized, there are all kinds of people all over the world that are disgraced because of their association to a particular circumstance.

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