Gillman the Yellow wallpaper

Prior to the twentieth century, men controlled and defined women’s roles and her self-worth .Men perpetrated an ideological of Inequality that silenced and made women powerless The “Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman is a great story about the repression of women in the late 1800’s but is still representative of issues faced by women today. She writes from her own personal experiences and conveys a message that sometimes in a male dominated society women suffer from the relentless power that men have over women .The Rest cure was the treatment for her depression that Dr. Weir Mitchell prescribed, which is mentioned in Gilman’s work, reflects men’s oppressive attitudes and their unwillingness to understand women emotional needs.


5 responses to “Gillman the Yellow wallpaper

  1. The issue of gender inequality has definitely improved from years ago. The downside is that it still exist. Women are still oppressed from men everyday and are limited in many things. I believe the only thing we can do from here on is to just continue to fight against this inequality until we create a society of real freedom and real justice.

  2. A lot of Gillman’s ideas are still shown in society today which is very sad and although it has improved, women still need a long way to go to get the rights they deserve. Gender roles are still being enforced, which is the main issue. If everyone in the world were able to see that both men and women can do the same amount of work effectively. I think equality would be closer.

  3. I agree that gender inequality has improved with time and that women have come a long way from centuries ago when all of our (women’s) identity was determine by the husband. As women we were not able to purchase properties at all. After years of women fighting for the right to vote and the right to own properties we have, thankfully, come see more gender iquality. However; we are not there yet! women still are paid about 30% less than men, doing the same job. Women often are faced with what its called “the glass ceiling” when trying to move up to a better positions at work, such as that of a “CEO” position. What ASTOUNDS me the most is the fact that when a married couple buys a house, Still it is requiered that the name of the husband is put first on all papers concerning the house. This is a CLEAR sign that we, women, STILL need to work harder to achieve that gender equality that we are striving for at 100%!!

  4. Gilmans “Yellow a Wallpaper” is a genius way of representing the repression of women before, and still an issue today. Yes it has gotten a lot better, but men will always have more power than women. Gilmans ideas expresses thoroughly the way men feel and how naive they are to recognize what women go through.

  5. I definitely agree that gender inequality has improved at some sorts. However I think many are still unaware of the inequality that does exist especially those who place a strong emphasis on a traditional home in which a man is always the head of the household. Until every woman is educated on the subject not much change will happen.

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