W.E.B DU Bois

The racial Inequality is not just between Africans and Europeans, unfortunately it is a global phenomenal. The ideology of the color line is a global problem which is fuel by class consciousness or the lack of it. The color line is a barrier, created by custom, law, or economic differences, separating nonwhite from whites. Colonizim was the leading factor that created this ideology. Sadly even among disenfranchised groups there also discrimination based on the difference in skin tone. The lighter or darkness the shade of a non-white individual determines their social statues. I wonder if the role where reversed and African had enslaved European would there be a similar systematic ideology. The idea of the color line not only disenfranchised a group of people but it also distracted the rest of the population from the real problem which is the exploitation of the working class, women and children, in other words anyone who doesn’t have a wealth of powers is left to the mercy of the rich and powerful.


5 responses to “W.E.B DU Bois

  1. Very interesting what you mentioned about the reversed ideology of an African enslaving or exploiting a White. It’s hard to even picture that with the rough living the people of color lived by for years as part of our American history. But, I do think that if it was reversed and a black man was to own a white slave, circumstances wouldn’t have been as brutal an inhuman.

  2. It is sad, but unfortunately the truth that the color of your skin determines your social status. I agree with what you said those who do not have the power are controlled by the rich and powerful.

  3. mockingbird26

    I agree, racial inequality is global and we see it most of the time. Today our race, skin color, physical appearance is what make society critiques and hates people; is what make us part of a high society. I think that this never gonna end because even in individuals of the same race we can see racism.

  4. Growing up down south, understanding what racial inequality is, until we can sit down as society and truly discuss what racism done to this country, things want change, other choice we can do nothing and wait it out.

  5. you make an amazing point here and I wonder as well, if the africans were to enslave the europeans, would the whole idea of racial inequality be different? If so there may still be racial inequality but in terms of blacks being the higher race. I’m not so sure there will ever be a time where there will be racial EQUALITY…

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