The Article Why Do Poor People ‘Waste’ Money On Luxury Goods?  Fascinated me by showing examples of how conspicuous consumption and conspicuous leisure in ways that is useful to the individual. For example when telling the story about how the mother accomplished her goal by dressing more appropriate and speaking more intelligently.


2 responses to “Comment#1

  1. Exactly — in Veblen’s conceptualization, it’s the leisure class that engages in conspicuous consumption and it’s presented as a generally “irrational” and “wasteful” activity. Here, the author is not talking about a leisure class but she is describing conspicuous consumption. In the latter case, the activity is instrumental and rational — for poor people. it’s more like a survival strategy.

  2. It’s almost embarrassing when we realize that we do a lot of what we are learning here. Conspicuous consumption so many of us are guilty of it…louis Vuitton bags!

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