Georg Simmel: Fashion

I never thought that fashion could be such an influence in our lives. According to George Simmel  we all experience fashion thought a small group that sets the trend. We scramble to imitate that trend, no matter how expensive it maybe. In fact the more expensive, the more we have to have it. Interestingly,  money doesn’t drive one away from following the latest fashion. As fashion is consumed by everyone, only then do we tend to withdraw. Which causes the demise of that trend.  And then, and only then do we look for the newest fashion.



2 responses to “Georg Simmel: Fashion

  1. Simmel’s concept of fashion was one that I found very interesting because it was easy to relate to. Even in my short two decades, I have watched the cyclical pattern of fashion and how just as Simmel stated “As fashion spreads, it gradually goes to its doom.” I also found his relation of fashion to historical dimensions. I had never before considered to correlation of specific fashion represents specific time periods. Overall Simmel’s concept of fashion shed new light on the entire topic.

  2. I do agree with you regarding money not driving someone away from the latest fashion. Keeping up with the latest trends can be really expensive as we should all know. We live in a society where we want to be and look like these celebrities that are so influential in our lives. We see them with these expensive shoes and outfits and realize that we need to look exactly how they look. So we go out and spend thousands of dollars to look like this celebrity, knowing we spent a lot of money on it just to wear it once or twice. Simmel makes a great point when he discusses fashion being an important concept in one’s life.

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