Daily Archives: May 26, 2014

Gilman : Inequality of Women

Women have been through so many changes over the years. Gilman discusses the disparities of women years ago. She talks about how women were oversexed and were limited to certain privileges. During the times that Gilman talked about, women were expected to take care of the household. Her duties didn’t involve anything outside of maintaining the home. She was not allowed to make her own money and since she didn’t receive any wages for her labor inside of the house, her labor belonged to her husband. Women had no economic and political rights. They were expected to follow gender norms, according to their specific sex. On top of women having no type of independence, they were held accountable for their physical and social behavior. They were expected to dress a certain way without looking too trashy. They were also expected to behave classy, such as a woman should. Today, women have stepped outside of gender norms. It is completely common for a woman to have a job and make their own money. It is also common for a woman to take care of both the household and have a job. The idea of a woman’s dependence upon a man is something more common within the upper class. The men are the ones going out and making the money while the woman are staying at home, which is similar to Gilden’s story. Women have expanded positively throughout the years, giving them more rights and most importantly becoming more equal to men.