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So I had asked in class can colonization take place in an area that hasn’t been explored bad settled in and the more I think about this article the more I realize that the answer to that is No. Colonization also goes with decolonization. Originally when I asked that question I was thinking about hundreds of years ago when I’m sure there were territories that hadn’t been explored and at some point people came and settled, I guess that’s just called settling not colonization.  Fanon talks about the brutality that must take place for colonization and it’s easy to get upset to imagine how this takes place but he also says this is part of life, and it is. I was a little confused when he talked about the first becoming last and the last becoming first…..


Goffman, Stigma

Reading this article I was actually pretty sad, when he talks about how people live a lie basically just to make other people more comfortable it was really sad to me “When jokes were made about `queers’ I had to laugh with the rest, and when talk was about women I had to invent conquests of my own. I hated myself at such moments, but there seemed to be nothing else that I could do. My whole life became a lie.60 ”
At a very young age I learned how dangerous it could be to label people, because people will feel this strange need to live up that label whether good or bad. And sometimes if people are stigmatized they feel embarrassed if they are either not what people think or if they are exactly what people sterol type them to be.

House Of Sand and Fog

In the film “House of Sand and Fog” we see Weber’s ideal types. Burrani’s character represent the traditional. patriarchal family, he’s the bread winner, wife is expected to obey her husband. with the lady who lost her house we see affection. she acts on her emotional state of mind. and with the police officer we see value-rational, when he planted the drugs on a man who was physically abusing his own wife, the officer justifies his actions because he believes this man deserved to be in jail one way or another. And again with Burrani we see instrumental-rational when he buys this house as an investment, he wasn’t thinking about what’s right and wrong, his only concern was to buy the house and sell it for a profit. this movie was very interesting and I liked how the events played into Weber’s ideal types.

Wealth inequality

I found both these videos to be very mind blowing. I know that if five years back someone would have shown me the charts on the streets and asked me what I thought the distribution of wealth was I probably would have chosen the middle pie chart like most people did. 20% of the population own 84% of the nation’s wealth is mind blowing, but when I saw the second video and it said that 1% owns 40% of the nation’s wealth I almost stopped breathing! That’s completely insane! Who the heck needs that much money! The bottom 40% owns only 0.3%, that reality almost makes you want to cry. Its sad that people like Denise who has a college degree is losing her home while the filthy rich are buying their children a quarter of a million dollar play house.
I can respect what Warren Buffet said, to some extent the wealthy owe some of their good fortune to the rest of society. And he made a good point when he said that teachers and doctors are far more valuable than a ceo of a company. Most Americans don’t realize the extreme inequality and that’s probably because we view America as the land of opportunity. And we are not a third world country, and even those of us who do; feel helpless, and there is nothing we can do about it. If Marx were alive today he wouldn’t be surprised. the bourgeoisie continue to exploit the proletariat