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Article Drawing Blood: Being a Poor Person in America has to be one of the best articles I read in the Supplementary content for this class. Reason being I believe a lot of us at CUNY could relate one way or another to this article. The author in this article demonstrated how an individual’s past experiences could be discreditable and that individual sometimes has to modify the truth in order pass to fit in.





Reading the article Reading the Riots really went into depth about what really caused the riots why the individual would participate in the riots of summer 2011 in England. I agree that these events were great opportunities to land a huge study that really could benefit the world. In this article they show examples of Robert Merton’s Modes of Adaptation. Every reason that this article acquired from these studies has one way to do with the five Modes of Adaptation.



This video European Colonial Empires 1492-2008 shows a great history on how colonization has been a great part of human history. Especially in Africa it seems that through out history that Africa has been divided. Decolonization is one of the hardest concepts for humans. Changing their ideas and beliefs is almost impossible, that is why there is so much violence in Africa.




I found in the article America’s new Jim Crow system some of her points really made sense. It seems that America hasn’t past the racism period rather it has hidden it with the veil of crime.  Reading this article really made me open my eyes into new information.



The article A Black Crip’s Perspective on Fashion and Embodied Resistance makes a really great point on how fashion could determine the type of interaction you going to have socially with another individual. This ties into Simmel’s concept of Fashion, but also this article show a concept from Goffman that ties in to Disidentifier, which in article is his fashion to hide his disability.



In the article Feminism’s Tipping Point: Who Wins from Leaning in? Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In concept takes a different approach to gender inequality by instead of women protesting equal pay and their careers, Women should work harder to get into those high positions to make a change for women inequalities. I could somewhat agree with this concept.



In the Article Cockblocked by Redistribution: A Pick-up Artist in Denmark I found Daryush Valizadeh also know as Roosh to be quite ignorant when it comes to his ideologies about women. In contrast I was very surprise about how well Denmark take care of their women. United States should adapt more policies from the Denmark.