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Durkheim says “we must contract our horizon, choose a definite task and immerse ourselves in it completely, instead of trying to make ourselves a sort of creative masterpiece, quite complete, which contains worth in itself and not in the services it renders.” What I gather from the statement is whatever job one chooses to perform to earn a living determines their worth to society. Everything we do in society helps to keep it running and productive. People seem to take on a view that everything should be equally split, but not every task is simple and not every task is complex. If you want a high position in society choose a task to learn that will give you that position and earn you that pay you feel you deserve it. The growth of society is bigger than the self, so you should focus on bringing the best to society. He doesn’t seem to focus on the individual self as I feel others do when it comes to a capitalist society. Even those in the lower classes are guilty of selfishness to an extent in my opinion, because it is a given lower classes don’t get paid nearly enough, whose to say if the roles were reversed they would not act in the same manner of those in the higher class? Everyone is biased of their own talents and worth as they should be, but how does this serve the greater good of a society?


Blog #1 distribution of wealth and it’s inequality

I was surprised by the findings of these two videos, because as a student working a part time job it’s a bit of a reality shock that makes me question the path I choose to travel as far as success and security. I know what I’m expecting and what I will deal with in that aspect. It is my hope with my education I will be able to do “better” later on in life. The “Wealth in America” makes me believe otherwise, the way the distribution of wealth was broken down gives me a clearer understanding of the economy and it’s a very scary thing. It makes me feel as though my life won’t be what I think it will be even if I work my hardest for better. I don’t find it surprising how people believed the wealth was distributed because honestly it’s not something most people think about on a everyday basis. You don’t think too much about how how and why it’s unfair, but you acknowledge that it’s hard. These videos give insight into why it is though.

One thing I heard in the one of the videos is that “Warren Buffet stated that the U.S. Was in a class war and his class (the super rich) won. It makes you think that if he knows this and there’s no change it’s as if this knowledge doesn’t matter. This statement may very well hold true and it isn’t by any means a secret.