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Gillman the Yellow wallpaper

Prior to the twentieth century, men controlled and defined women’s roles and her self-worth .Men perpetrated an ideological of Inequality that silenced and made women powerless The “Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman is a great story about the repression of women in the late 1800’s but is still representative of issues faced by women today. She writes from her own personal experiences and conveys a message that sometimes in a male dominated society women suffer from the relentless power that men have over women .The Rest cure was the treatment for her depression that Dr. Weir Mitchell prescribed, which is mentioned in Gilman’s work, reflects men’s oppressive attitudes and their unwillingness to understand women emotional needs.


Franz Fanon

Franz stated that the ramification of decolonizing colonized nations would inevitable be violent, because these acquired territories was through conquest and violence. The problem with Colonizim and decolonization is the continual cycle of violence. The problem with perpetual violence it is use to solve all conflict and rule under force and fear. To heal and stabilized anyone who has been abuse, traumatized or disenfranchised is through a safe and nutrition environment . The problem that colonized counties faces is the lack of finical resource to create such a system and that where conflict resolution become limited and violence seem to be the only option.

W.E.B DU Bois

The racial Inequality is not just between Africans and Europeans, unfortunately it is a global phenomenal. The ideology of the color line is a global problem which is fuel by class consciousness or the lack of it. The color line is a barrier, created by custom, law, or economic differences, separating nonwhite from whites. Colonizim was the leading factor that created this ideology. Sadly even among disenfranchised groups there also discrimination based on the difference in skin tone. The lighter or darkness the shade of a non-white individual determines their social statues. I wonder if the role where reversed and African had enslaved European would there be a similar systematic ideology. The idea of the color line not only disenfranchised a group of people but it also distracted the rest of the population from the real problem which is the exploitation of the working class, women and children, in other words anyone who doesn’t have a wealth of powers is left to the mercy of the rich and powerful.

Karl Marx

Kadian Weir
February 9 2012
I not surprise by the finding that capitalism could be more effective if the old regime or; has it’s called (old money) didn’t manipulate the American economy in their favor. Human desire is also one of the factors that help to drive this uneven distribution of wealth. People believe if they worked hard they would be rewarded and their life would be great “On the basis of political economy itself in its own words we have shown that the worker sink to the level of commodity and become the most wretched of commodity” Karl Marx .The unequaled distribution has always been and issue is most society and more so in heavily populated areas and developed cultures. Karl Marx understood that the Bourgeoisie will and always have an advantage over the working class, if workers are not aware of their power and exercises their right has producer of commodities. if not they will become poorer and unhappy “the more object the worker product the fewer he possess and the more he falls under the dominion of his product, capital” Marc Marx