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Post #5: race and racism -dubois

Dubois defines race as a conception that separates humans into distinct groups, where each group are defined by physical traits that differentiates them from other groups into ranks. Race is the core unit of racism, and from then on is racecraft.  Racecraft doesn’t focus on the ideas for groups and their traits as race does but focuses more on opinions and persuasive beliefs.

I believe that racisim still exits, even if in public it is said that it is not right. A lot of people say racial comments, however, they will only express these thoughts to people of their comfort zone. Because publicly racism would be wrong and shameful to express, it still exist in small personal groups. I have witnessed these behaviors and have actually been shocked to see that people still feel so strongly about this.

At my former job, I was in the break room with my manager having lunch. We were discussing new hires and qualities he was looking for in applicants. The location we worked in was a heavy Spanish area, people from the Caribbean, central and south america. Speaking spanish was a must to work there, therefore, any person who spoke the language would of been good enough to work with us. I remembered he told me, “It doesn’t even matter if you speak spanish to me because regardless I am only going to hire Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.” My mouth dropped. I didn’t agree with his thoughts but I knew he was open with me to express only because I was one of his own kind.


Post #4 : Simmel and Fashion

History repeats itself and so will fashion. I think of fashion as a continuous cycle that runs through new ideas and reverses to old ones. Like Simmel explains fashion has a transitory pattern. It begins with its acceptance with the people, then it spreads, once it begins to spread widely people start to deviate from it, and then  a new change in fashion begins.  Simmel says they develop in cities first because they strengthen social relations.

I believe fashion allows people to be social. It’s a way to be connected through out all classes. Even if finances are clearly not equal, people are aware of the styles and trends that are out from upper classes.  I feel that humans naturally want to be part of a group and fashion lets you socialize in that way. People feel its important to be part of its cycle.  It lets you express yourself personally while your still connected to others who share your same style. It strengthens relations and brings forth comfort when others follow your style or you are a part of a group that share the same fashion.

post #3: Gender inequality

Socialization establishes our norms in our society. Everything is taught through all types of interactions. Gender is something that begins to be embodied on us once we are born. Girls and boys are separated by color, attire, toys, behaviors, etc. So many gender norms are disciplined that it feels as if it limits what women can do. Although much time has passed and many barriers have been broken towards gender norms,  gender inequality still exist.

Like Gilman explains, women automatically are one step behind men because a lot of focus can be towards physicality and not skills. A man and a women are able to perform the same exact job, but women still aren’t able to have the same pay or benefits for the job.  Women sometimes can’t be seen as the head because of the norms set on them. In this continuous struggle women have improved tremendously.  In many present cases women alone provide for the own families, have careers of all kinds, and are business owners. In class Professor Hala mentioned that women from age 25-34 are now making 95 cents for every dollar a man makes. That amazing to hear. They are breaking many barriers and are still continuing to improve.

post #2: crime as social evolution

              Evolving is the process of changing certain character traits in order to adapt to the environment. To evolve is to develop gradually from simple to more complex. Depending the environment evolution is expressed differently. For example in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution he saw that due to isolation, different climates and natural forces such as food, one type of ancestor made way for thirteen different types of finches to come into existence. He came to conclusion that generation after generation of harsh conditions and struggles things will change in order to adapt. Charles Darwin’s environment being the Galápagos Islands can be compared to Socrates in Athens along with Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee and Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

          Crime plays a roll in social evolution because when crime does exist it makes way for new views to be formed, like Durkeim explained. A crime is an action that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state. Perfect example of crime as social evolution is the trials of Socrates in Athens. Where Socrates was put to trial accused of corrupting the youth of Athens.  To Socrates it was important to question the question, think outside of the box. But he was born before his time, where views like that were unacceptable to society and considered a crime and because of this crime he was sentenced to death. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. gave their life for their own cause because they understood that us as a nation hasn’t finished evolving yet. Many people are accused of crimes, but crimes depend on that state you are in.


post #1: commodities fetishism -melissa feliz

Ive always believed in the saying “Rich people have big libraries and poor people have big tv’s”. I think the capitalistic system we are apart of is created to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. People who sell their labor for survival live by the misconception that materialistic things is something that we must have in society for acceptance within our own kind. The power that products have over people is really strong. It is strong enough to even blind us at the fact that we are the ones who actually take part in creating it, however, we seem to ignore that the power of those products are actually our own hands.  A lot of individuals spend excessive money on materialistic things that wont improve their social  status at all, it’ll just be an enhancement on a physical level. But, somehow people don’t take enough importance enhancing social status enough to overcome the importance of physicality. The power that society has created over materialistic things can blind us in ignoring the fact that most of the time it image is what keeps us at the same level. Particularly for the poor, to much focus on product will keep you at low status.