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Merton and Anomie Blog #5

Anomie defined by Merton is the social strain and mismatch between culturally prescribed goals and our socially constructed means to achieve those goals, meaning when we set a goal to what limit are we willing to go for it. To what extent will we achieve this goal? Everyone wants to be rich but to what extent do you do anything it takes? Some people go after this goal by what he calls retreatism, meaning not even trying to deal with what comes with society and the way they want to go about it. Not trying to get a job or go to school. In Merton’s words “ rejecting the goals and pressures of society”. Someone who does not want to deal with this maybe one who looks for an alternative route. One who tries to feel better about themselves and doesn’t want to care about a thing in the world. People who overdose on drinking and drugs. Now in contrast to this those who are ritualist actually follows what society does but have different expectations. They don’t expect to achieve that of the same goals that some of his or her compadres may be expecting.  A rebellion rejects both the entire society and the entire means in which they may become deviant.


Blog #4 Strain Theory

The strain theory suggests that the structures in one’s society may indeed shape their reactions and actions to the problems in their life. So one who maybe from that of a poorer neighborhood may commit more crimes than that of one form a more rich neighborhood.  The society of one can push that person to commit crimes. They may not have enough to eat, they may need food for their children, Merton explains this by showing us that it could have been anyone. Everyone is not put in a predicament where they have to do what they must to survive. Everyone does not have to struggle from the bottom because the society they came up they did not see much bad or crimes. In most urban areas there in something called “ the underground economy”. It is just as competitive as any wall street or corporation. In this underground economy there are drug lords and they drugs and have workers, just as any corporation. Some see this as deviant and criminal act but Merton explains it a little differently. In his innovation theory the innovators are those who have turned against the accepted norms for making money. They are seen as rebels and undisciplined because they have chosen another path to get to the same goals as everyone else. Even though it is illegal to sell drugs they have in common the same cultural values of making money and making a means for life. In today’s world you need money to do everything. Its almost a fact now. Especially if you live in the United States were most is industrialized. Maybe if you go away to another country you can live on your own without paying for everything but money is they key to everything. So with that you must understand that people will do anything for it if they do not have which is were all the crimes may stem from.


Fashion is something we cannot escape. Every morning when you get up it is a norm that you have to get dressed. And although some may not consider themselves as a fashion person, there is a style for everything. Everyone may not even be thinking fashion when they are getting dressed though. Some may be just dressing comfortable but in every way possible it is indeed fashion. These clothes represent who you are and almost represent what group of people you belong too whether it be, athletes, skaters,beach bums, whatever group you consider to be apart of, these clothes are your first line of assurance. What you wear gives people an idea of who you are, where you are from and perhaps what group in society you belong too. Its not all the time that this is correct but for the most part it is. Those who may reside in Atlanta have a certain look to them or certain fashion which will help people distinguish from those who may reside in Philadelphia who have their own ways of dressing. Fashion of today’s world is like technology, its mover faster and faster everyday. Everyday there is a new gadget and just like that in fashion everyday there is new sneakers, shirts, clothes people are becoming so innovative that everything, and color you want may be accessible with the click of a button. Some people are fashionistas and they keep up with it all and others maybe don’t for personal or financial reasons. Whatever the reason is they do this because there is a certain image they want people to have of them so they dress a certain way. What needs to be understood is that clothes can only do but so much for you and your image and that there are many other ways you can shape your image.

blog #1 (why are young latinos at risk)

Learning that latinos were the highest rate of suicide came to me as some what a surprise. I personally thought young white females would be the highest rate being that I thought with more money comes more problems. After getting all the statistics on young latino women it sort of shows us exactly why they might be the leading race in suicide . Showing us that they are number one in highest birth rate, highest dropout rate and highest to commit suicide all goes hand in hand to what may cause them to take this action. For example having a baby maybe the reasonyou are forced to dropout of school. Then once you drop out and have a baby that may be a lot to handle considering the age, this may be a lot of pressure. Considering the pressure this may force one to commit suice or even to attempt it based on all that they have been absorbing over that time span. Durkheim believed in the theory of sacred in profane. In most latino homes having a child is more on the sacred side. No matter what the age you must have your child and take care of it, there is no other options. While in other races home they may believe this is more of a profane thing were you have options. Durkheim also believed in egoistic suicide.  In this suicide a human takes their life because they are not strongly supported by members of a cohesive social group. Some people just need others around them with some guidance that way they can stay on the right track.

blog #2 ( house of sand and fog…… theory)

Bureaucracy is a powerful theory in this world. Very merciless,  careless and thoughtless procedure that this world has picked up. In bureaucracy its not about whats right or wrong, its about making a profit. In this movie Mr. Behrani shows us he follows by this and without care for anyone except his family. For a young girl to lose her home, by a mistake at that, and him not to sell or give it back to her because of profit is pure bureaucracy.  He also shows Webers tbeory of rational=legal authority. In all reality and honesty he did purchase the house fair and square and with the intent of making a great profit on it. He had a plan and the home is his to make these decisons on it once he purchased it. In his theory of charismatic authority officer lester shows us this when he leaves his home of wife and kids to help this young girl kathy who has lost her home. He  barely knows her but when seen that this girl is in dire  need of help he could not just sit back and let the officials handle it. He actually goes to Mr. Behrani’s home and tries to sort of scare him into selling the home back to the state.