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From women to economics

This was really about women being treated unfairly in the workforce. Women work just as hard as men do and still don’t have the same respect or income. It’s strange because women are encouraged to do so much in today’s world but still there are double standard issues and it relates to women all around the world. Gilman really emphasized the level of inequality women have to deal with.

In today’s society there are so many single mothers who are both care takers and providers for their families. In recent articles it showed how more and more women are advancing in academics than men, women seem to be able to do it all and yet there are still restrictions on women as to how we should be in society.


yellow wallpaper

Gilman is very inspirational. I read the yellow wallpaper in high school as well as in my English class. The yellow wallpaper was about a women being very ill and her husband keeps her in a room that has wallpaper that made the women feel insane. It wasn’t till this class when I found out that the women was actually Gilman and she had actually killed herself because of how she was feeling.

Gilman emphasized a lot of women equality and she really stood up for women.

Veblen, Gramsci, and The Guardian

The Veblen reading was interesting. Veblen grew up like many Americans who have immigrant parents, he lived a pretty humbled life in which he worked hard to have what he earned. Veblen criticized the inequality in America between the working class and the ‘leisure class’, who were well to do. Veblen did not really agree with Marx’s idea but shared some points.

Gramsci was into politics. He was an Italian journalist and he was well known for his works. He wrote in many notebooks while he was imprisoned on the failure of the working class which brought in a lot of attention. He believed that the working class gave consent to be ruled by the upper class i should say. He believed that the working class can revolt but it would have to be ‘organic’. I agree with the consent part that Gramsci spoke about because we really can’t live without the ruling class telling us what to do. Our society is built on that.

As for The Guardian article, that was very interesting as well.

Wealth inequality in America

This topic was extremely interesting to me. I like talking about finance and the issue with money our country has because it effects everyone, the rich and the poor. The video about the wealth inequality which I’ve watched before in a different class brought a great deal of my attention, its everything that I’ve been saying but with data to prove it. It’s so unfair that working class and even people in poverty have so little and yet do so much. The data in the video made it seem as though there is no way out and that the working class will always stay in a slum because even if the working class were to gain more, so will the upper class. I honestly don’t think there really is a solution because with the inequality it does make our country as competitive as it is which is why we are able to grow, however the competition is a little too extreme.

Latina suicide

It shocked me to know that Latina girls had the highest suicide rate. In class when we discussed different ethnic groups I was sure I was right that Caucasian guys had the highest suicide rate. In  a previous Psych class we learned reasons for why Caucasian men would want to commit suicide, it was because many have distant relationships with their families and being that they are male they are not able to express their emotional feelings or needs. The data that was presented in class showed otherwise and it opened my eyes that it can be very possible because it is true that Latina girls go through so much stress and pressure in their households “often times providing surrogacy”. It was however interesting that the Asian population had no data, at first it seemed offensive but then what I can understand is that the Asian population may be very conservative and therefore information is limited.