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Social Structure and Anomie

Robert Merton spoke about young people and their way of surviving in society. He mentioned about the emotional effect of not having a job for a certain period of time. It is sad to learn how young people would resolve to getting anti-depressant, suffer from panic attack, insomnia, commit suicide or becoming suicidal, hurt themselves, not able to control anger or do drugs.
Social structure can be so demanding that a person would resolve to deviant behavior. Most time people feel out of place and I think it because of inequality or the way social structure is divided. When the demand is high and the tool is not provided it is not easy and resolve to means that are not necessarily acceptable but deviant.
When we are part of an environment that is competitive especially in the American society as mentioned by Merton “the end justifies the means” I know a couple that the husband and the wife lost their job and they have a son and a house. They both worked for Hostess. The husband started to drink as he was not able to deal with the situation. He was withdrawn and about to lose his house and the more the bills were piling the more he was drinking. According to Merton this man as resolved to Retreatism. he was thinking that drinking would take away the problem. It is a also a lack of self esteem.
There are many who are going through these type of pressure. Some are able to just survive and comform or adapt to whatever the norms are as long as they surviving while they may try to go back to school get an education to get a better job. In a sense they adapting through comformity and Rituals. I guess it is better to be innovative then to commit criminal act and not follow rules.
Merton also refers to a last category describe as rebellious which are those who do not follow any rules.
That is the reason why I do encourage the young people of this society to go to school and finish. It is not guarantee that they will get a good job but the possibilities are greater.


Stigma/ Erving Goffman

Erving Goffman study about stigma is an attribute to almost everyone. In my opinion one way or the other we stigmatize most people in our life and in our path. I work with individuals intellectually disabled. We label them and let it be noted that most often the same reason why we label them we reflect traits that are similar “ normal “display the same traits. When we stigmatized a person we cause them to feel that they don’t belong in our society and not accepted and they have to go through a structured lifestyle to adjust and be somewhat accepted.
Goffman tries to make us understand what people who are stigmatized feel about themselves and others opinion of them like “Lady Sovereign”. Why they are stigmatized and how they are coping in this society that rejects them and what is it they are projecting or showing that signify or categorize those as such.
I serve a young lady who’s cognitive level is low and with an IQ of 64. She is very sweet and respectful, able to care for activity of daily living and independent living skills. She refuses to partake in any activity that involve other disabled and she only wants to be amongst those who are normal (that is to say without a diagnose). As matter a fact she refers to others like her as “those people” when in public she will not speak so that she is not discovered and regarded as disabled. According to Goffman she is acting as a “disidentifiers” in order to try to pass as “normal.” I know it’s hard for her because she wants to belong to this society without the label.
I often hold conversation with that young lady in attempts to get her enrolled in programs that would be beneficial and allowing her to enhance her reading and community integration skill however she always refuse as she feel that she will be judge or seen as disabled and therefore not accepted which is what Goffman refers to as “Discredited” on the other hand she is“discreditable” if the disability is unknown to others. She wants to pass for a normal person.
This young lady also prefers to go to a regular private clinic versus a clinic that serves the disabled population so she is not seen as such. Goffman would refer to her reflecting “Desidentifier”
As a society we tend to really label people and make them feel unwanted. I suggest we get educated before we become like those who pass judgment. Everyone deserves a fair chance. No one wanted to be born with a problem or disability. Ignorance is sad and makes others sad.


When I think Fashion I always think clothes and culture. What is new on the market and attractive. It is comprehensive of areas such as; style of dress, cuisine, literature, art, architecture, fashion trends and many other popular factors. Fashion trends often change rapidly and as stated by Simmel can be recycled to be reused.
The expression “fashion” is frequently used as a substitute for style, glamour and beauty. However the term “fashion” can have negative associations of vogues and styles, and greed.

The video on North Korea presenting on various area on Seoul Fashion week was interesting to see how far individuals would go to look Immaculate to perfection and how far they went to perfect perfection. In Gangnam Fashion was everything. Kids took their outfit seriously. During the video Donald King a barber explained that things are changing as what was considered odd is fashion. He expressed that the Korean society is losing their originality for example in music. It was interesting to learn about Korea’s fashion; however I was totally astounded by the Double eyelid plastic surgery and other area of the face that is as common practice and common as “going to the dentist”.
I am shocked by the idea that Korean individuals chose to have a Western face and they are so popular with this practice that they even surpass Brazil which is a country most known for plastic surgery. Another surprise was that one out of five young girls would have done this surgery as if it was nothing. To me it is a lack of total confidence. I understand that someone can have plastic surgery if someone had and accident and was left disfigured or was burn beyond recognition. I don’t agree nor understand to want to look like another culture or another person. This is insane and unethical. We are all created to have a unique look. One girl states that she wants to be accepted by the Chinese. So is it about getting the man of your dream? If the Chinese is discriminative obviously it’s an irrational decision. Is it worth the pain and agony because after all at the end of the day your genes remain the same and your children will resemble the original you. Now what will become of these children? I can only imagine the complex of inferiority they could develop.

Emile Durkheim/ Elementary form of the Religious life

” Society is the Soul of Religion” I agree with Emile Durkheim that religion plays an important role in many people’s life. The way we live and the structure that we follow that shape our every day may come from religion. It is important to study past religious practices to understand our present that is a continuation of what was passed on from generation to generation as values to respect and follow. As stated Religion is divided in two; Sacred and Profane.

Being religiuos has different meanings for different people but with the understanding that we have one God.   As a religious society we have the need to to be connected to this “supreme Being” that gives us comfort and direction through the guides written (Bibble). It also helps us get connected to one another and in positive ways. I am Catholic and we have rituals that we folow by going to Church every sunday and we pray together. During mass we receive the bread and the wine that is a symbol representing the body and the blood of Christ. Some of the other rituals for example now that we getting close to Easter we will do the Stations of The Cross  a ritual that reminds us how Christ suffered for us. In Church we also have the cross with Jesus on it that is a symbol that represents the crucifixion.

According to Emile Durkheim these gathering that teach us ideas and values helps establish a certain “solidarity” amongst people and in a sense create stability to the world. I believe in God and I enjoy going to church and have created new connections with people praying together. I find peace with my connection with God and believe that when I establish my Faith my life was changed for the best since then and has been stable and productive. That is my belief. I do respect others belief and have gone to their gathering and prayed with them. The connection we have is to pray one God but just differently and we may share different values without profanity but respectfully. Religion is divided into different groups who adopt their own self govern practicing different rituals.

Max Weber/The Protestant Ethic

I disagree with this concept to live ones life without enjoyment and to focus solely on material and how much money one can save (abstinence). life is too short and time wasted is never recovered. On the other hand I do agree that we should not live above our means and live for today only by spending and having fun. We have to remember that if we are granted a long life we need to survive and we need capital. So the idea is to keep a balance .

According to Weber, the Protestant of the West did not believe in enjoying their lives but to work hard and save as much as they could and if they were successful in doing so they believe that they were rewarded by God because that is what they believe he wants them to do.  That is a good question “isn’t religion the opposite of materialism?” I believe it so but that  was their rationalization.   They believe in capitalization. They were focused on wealth.  A mean to an end (instrumental-rational). Weber was not in agreement with this concept and he call it a “calling”. The Protestant believe that was what their purpose to work hard. They believe this was “predestined” that it was something that was already decided for them to do and follow.   Weber mentioned ‘The iron cage” I disagree with that rational as we choose our path and what we do with our lives and as stated by Weber ” religious beliefs  don’t cause capitalism”. People like Benjamin Franklin had slogan like “a penny saved a is a penny earned”

It is immoral to just think work and make money without enjoying the pleasures of life it’s really unethical to do so. it is not normal. Work should only be a mean to survive a way to pursue the things that we need and desire to enjoy in life.