• All material is from the Edles & Appelrouth reader unless marked with an asterisk (*), in which case it’s accessible below.
  • Required material is multimedia – text, video, and audio – some of which is downloadable (e.g., text PDFs or audio MP3s) and some of which is accessible via internet links (e.g., websites and audio/video streams).
  • Students are not responsible for items marked Rec’d (Recommended), unless they are presented in class.
  • Items marked Rec’d may serve as subjects for Blog Posts or be used to inform take-home essays and in-class exam essays (and other exam responses)
  • **Check back to this schedule regularly as the semester moves along, as it’s subject to revision**

Class schedule (provisional):

January 27 – Course overview & introduction: What is sociological theory? How can we navigate it?

Ch. 1, Introduction, pp. 1-16. [PDF: pp. 10-16, Metatheoretical map]

* Recommended (text): Charles Lemert, “Social Theory: Its Uses and Pleasures,” pp. 1-20. (Ch. 1, Social Theory: the Multicultural and Classic Readings, Westview Press, 1993.)

Wednesday, January 29 – Marx

Intro to The German Ideology, pp. 31-33; From The German Ideology, pp. 33-41. Intro to Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, pp. 41-42; From Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, pp. 42-51. [PDF: The German Ideology & Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts]

Monday, February 10 – Marx

Ch. 2, Karl Marx, pp. 17-29; Intro to The Communist Manifesto, pp. 51-54; From The Communist Manifesto, pp. 54-65.  [LINKS: Preamble, I: Bourgeois and Proletarians; II: Proletarians and Communists ]

February 12 (College is closed)

February 17 (College is closed)

Wednesday, February 19

Intro to Capital, pp. 65-80; From Capital (1867) pp. 69-80.

Thursday, February 20 (Classes follow a Monday schedule)

Ch. 3, Emile Durkheim, pp. 94-102; Intro to The Division of Labor in Society, pp. 103-105; From The Division of Labor in Society (1893), pp. 105-111.

Monday, February 24

Intro to The Rules of the Sociological Method, pp. 111-112; From The Rules of the Sociological Method, pp. 112-119; Intro to Suicide: A Study in Sociology, pp. 119-122; From Suicide (1897), pp. 122-134.

Wednesday, February 26

Intro to The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, pp. 134-137; From Elementary Forms of Religious Life, pp. 137-152.

Monday, March 3 – Weber

Ch. 4, Max Weber, pp. 153-166; Intro to The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, pp. 167-170; From The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, pp. 170-181.

Wednesday, March 5

Intro to “The Distribution of Power within the Political Community: Class, Status, Party,” pp. 191-193; “The Distribution of Power within the Political Community: Class, Status, Party,” pp. 193-201; Intro to “The Types of Legitimate Domination,” pp. 201-204; From “The Types of Legitimate Domination,” (1925) pp. 204-210.

Monday, March 10

Video (in-class): HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG

Wednesday, March 12

Intro to “Bureaucracy,” pp. 210-212; From “Bureaucracy” (1925) pp. 212-219.

Significant Others-Robert Michels: The Iron Law of Oligarchy, pp. 162-164.

Monday, March 17

Midterm review

Wednesday, March 19

Midterm exam

Monday, March 24 – Veblen and Gramsci

Significant Others-Thorstein Veblen: The Leisure Class and Conspicuous Consumption, p. 24

* Veblen, Thorstein, The Theory of the Leisure Class, Ch. 1, Introduction (10 pgs.)

Significant Others-Antonio Gramsci: Hegemony and the Ruling Ideas, pp. 29-30.

* Antonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks, “Intellectuals and Hegemony,” excerpt.

* Op-ed (in-class): “The American Dream Rewards Few, Enslaves Many,” (B. Sunkara) The Guardian, 8/21/13.

Wednesday, March 26 – Gilman

Ch. 5, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, pp. 221-230; Intro to “The Yellow Wallpaper,” pp. 231-233; “The Yellow Wallpaper,” (1892) pp. 233-241; “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’,” pp. 241-242.

Monday, March 31

Intro to Women and Economics, pp. 242-244; From Women and Economics (1898) pp. 244-265.

Wednesday, April 2 – Simmel

Ch. 6, Georg Simmel, pp. 267-278; Intro to “Sociability,” p. 294; From “Sociability” (1910) pp. 295-301.

Significant Others-Ferdinand Tonnies: Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, pp. 274-275.

Monday, April 7

Intro to “The Stranger”; “The Stranger” (1908) pp. 302-305; Intro to “Fashion,” pp. 305-307; From “Fashion” (1904) pp. 307-313; Intro to “The Metropolis and Mental Life,” pp. 313-315; “The Metropolis and Mental Life” (1903) pp. 316-323.

Wednesday, April 9 – Du Bois

Ch. 7, W. E. B. Du Bois, pp. 325-337; Intro to The Philadelphia Negro, pp. 338-340; From The Philadelphia Negro (1899), pp. 340-346.

Significant Others -Anna Julia Cooper: A Voice from the South, pp. 328-329.

 Optional theory-application essay due

April 14 – April 22 (Spring recess)

Wednesday, April 23

Intro to The Souls of Black Folk, pp. 346-350; From The Souls of Black Folk (1903), pp. 346-358; Intro to “The Souls of White Folk,” pp. 364-366; From “The Souls of White Folk,” From Darkwater (1920), pp. 366-369.

Monday, April 28 – Du Bois

Wednesday, April 30 – Merton

* Robert Merton, “Social Structure and Anomie,” American Sociological Review 3(5): 672-682 (1938).

Monday, May 5 – Goffman

* Erving Goffman, Ch. 1: Stigma and Social Identity, pp. 5-36, Ch. 2: Information Control and Personal Identity, pp. 37-54 (stop at “Biography”) from Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity (Simon & Schuster, 1963).

Wednesday, May 7

* Erving Goffman, Ch. 4: The Self and its Other, pp. 104-114 from Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity (Simon & Schuster, 1963).

Monday, May 12 – Fanon

* Franz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth (New York: Grove Press, 1963) Excerpts (6 pgs). (updated 5/12)

Wednesday, May 17 – Course wrap-up and review

In-class final exam Section 3: Monday, May 19, 6:15 – 8:15pm

In-class final exam Section 2: Wednesday, May 21, 1:45 – 3:45pm


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