Blog #2: House of Sand and Fog

The movie “House of Sand and Fog”, was definitely a movie that opened your eyes to the hardships of living in America. It amazed me that just being short a payment could get you evicted although it was a misunderstanding. Kathy in my opinion was just like any other typical American trying to make ends’ meet yet somehow found herself in a series of unfortunate events.

Mr. Behrani, an immigrant from Iran who was a wealthy officer in his home country, fled to America with his family for protection an thus found himself struggling. Kathy, the American, and Mr. Behrani, an immigrant, were not much different. Though they were indeed fighting over the same property, they were really both trying to make end’s meet. This reminds me of the wealth distribution in America and how unjust the system is. Immigrants like the Behrani family come to America in hope of a better life only to end up struggling. The “average” American like Kathy, who appeared to be well-off considering her house was passed down to her, was too, struggling after a misunderstanding.

The end of the movie was tragic and in my opinion, foreshadowed the consequences of living in America. If you are not “wealthy” then you do not have much hope in moving up. 


One response to “Blog #2: House of Sand and Fog

  1. I absolutely agree with your foreshadowing! We live in a very merciless world were the only care lies within making a profit. In this movie they give us a very clear view of the process called bureaucracy.

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