Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Gender Inequality

Gender inequality Mrs. Gillman spoke about in the 1980’s was astonishing with women making up half the world’s population and being overworked and underpaid.  Overworked having jobs in and out of the home. Not being reimbursed or respected for the job of keeping a household together. Underpaid in the workforce out side the home, even while having the same qualification and education level, where is the justice. Men try and be successful at work and running tight a household, I think some things would change quickly.


2 responses to “Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Gender Inequality

  1. During this time period, women were dealing with the struggle of living in a patriarchal society. Women did not poses the same economic or political rights as men. Instead they were stuck under the repression of male privilege and we’re entirely subordinate to males. Gilman stated “Gender is not a characteristic of individuals but of societies.” This basically states that although everyone woman is different, the fact that they are woman is enough for this patriarchal society to group them as a whole and suppress them. Woman have continued to make progress on this issue throughout history, but we have yet to achieve total equality between genders.

  2. Women’s inequality in the 1980s were a lot to deal with back then. The women had to deal with having no economic or political rights. As you mentioned, they had to deal with receiving no wages when working in the home. Their economic dependence was based on their husbands. Their husband owned their labor and whatever money they needed they had to ask their husband. As far as political disparities, they had no rights to run for office if they wanted to. Women were not being taken seriously in the 1980s and society felt like women were only good enough to be moms and maintain the household.

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