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Woman Soldiers in Dire Economy (Blog 3)



It is possible that the Veblen’s barbarian ideology that woman must work at home while men go out and hunt and gain status affects our Modern day sexist thoughts. It is possible that the greedy bourgeois thought it would be fine to increase their profit by making women work hard, yet still remain economically dependent on their husband’s infinitesimal wages. Whether certain sexist ideologies derived from the Barbaric age or the Industrial era, they hold no moral place in a falling economy.  For example, if it was know that Black Brazilians could in any form contribute to the Brazilian economy, why is it that few get hired or are not allowed with to work. Is that benefitting the economy at whole or just ones who arbitrarily yet powerfully want their own form of cheap labor. This applies to women in our economy, if women were able to work more and there were enough regulations to allow her to fulfill her potential, why isn’t that happening. This might be due to sexism and how men rather have women dependent on them while women work hard and help them attain the man’ s goals. This is not helpful for the human race, because if the woman is treated like an enslaved horse instead of a human with human potential, there will be more depending rather than independent women contributing to society’s commerce. Sexism is where the evil lies, for one can’t expect the human race to progress in our 2014 laughable economy, when women do not structurally get  to part- take in businesses, or other forms of work. What American and the global economy gets is an economy that lags, it picks up the bill for the minorities and woman, rather than allowing them to independently make money with an equal career. If the human race is to depend on each other to have a decent economy, then why would the man not help to care for the children knowing that the woman has good potential to build the economy. Such an investment or plan to take care of children would reap good benefits in this economy. In a society that women have contributed so much to, shouldn’t there be child care regulations so that the woman can build the economy more? We have a war with our economy now whether the source was actual war or Government spending, in order to halt this problem, women must not be under any constraints to work hard. Opposite to Marxist ideology, these constraints to a good economy only advance, for not only is the greedy over the poor, but that man rather a women do his work without giving her room to do her legal work or gain economic status. Now the poor woman is not only poor because her husband doesn’t want her to work, but because she relies on him, only furthering a collapsing economy. An example of this phenomena is Tokyo, a city where women don’t even bother to work do to non-integrating structural circumstances; thus “Tokyo has failed to jolt the Japanese economy out of a generation-long slump” ( NY Times Article) The source of this issue is stated to be economical and cultural, but if a species can work together more, why wouldn’t integrating women into the work place be a bad investment? The cultural aspect may induce the economical issue, and many Japanese women don’t choose to work. If America can progress in gender progressive economical circumstances, why can’t Japanese women help progress Japan, they are the same species? There are certain cultural advantages from any culture, but when we impose sexism on women for the benefit of men alone, there can be damaging effect on our way of life or economy. When we created a sex- distinction in our society so the egos of men could be stoked or so that men could have house workers, we created a conditioning evil. It is  evident in the article above that women work more hours now than they did in the past, that that hours worked and money accumulated added 1.7 trillion in our economy. For women to feel that she must attain a man based on her sex- relation or by her exaggeration of sex, then this economy will only be at a further loss soon. This constraint in reducing a females’s non- sexual potential to just a sexual relations causes her to lose vision of her place or specialization in our global economy, leaving us poorer. If she has the potential to be a woman by sex and be worker, why should the ego of male stop her. Enough economic preservation can disappear if enough people aren’t put to work, this is why we must leave out the “do” and “don’ts” for girls and boys, because we must use all that we have to jolt the economy, we don’t have time for gender obstacles. “Its injurious effect may be broadly shown in the Oriental nations, where the female in curtained harems is confined most exclusively to sex-functions and denied most fully the exercise of race-functions.” (Gilman, 257) Who knew that what Gilman spoke about over many decades a go would reign true. The Japanese society not Oriental, which is rude,  has some form of an injury in that they would be progressing more economically if there were more attractive policies for women in the workforce. Just like every creature has a medium for its form, humans must  exercise their form so that no potential gets disused, especially in times of emergency or economic disaster. All the beauty and twisted pride that came with the male defending and protecting the woman needs to disappear, because this stemmed from a selfish enslavement of women by men. Now the man gets to feed the women while receiving support and hard work from her. This prevents the woman to watch for herself. There may even be some instances when women want to work and create while going through an orderly specialization, yet there may not be enough policies that can aid her in such a plan. Policies that would enable her to care for her children and have flexible hours, while she gets to build the economy and be the career minded person she wants to be.  Preventing this only hurts her potential. This would of course tear down all the cultural, decorated, religious, and other systematic forms of sexism, so that she would never feel that doing what is best for her and her country was wrong ever again.