Daily Archives: May 20, 2014

Georg Simmel: Fashion

I never thought that fashion could be such an influence in our lives. According to George Simmel  we all experience fashion thought a small group that sets the trend. We scramble to imitate that trend, no matter how expensive it maybe. In fact the more expensive, the more we have to have it. Interestingly,  money doesn’t drive one away from following the latest fashion. As fashion is consumed by everyone, only then do we tend to withdraw. Which causes the demise of that trend.  And then, and only then do we look for the newest fashion.



Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Gender Inequality

Gender inequality Mrs. Gillman spoke about in the 1980’s was astonishing with women making up half the world’s population and being overworked and underpaid.  Overworked having jobs in and out of the home. Not being reimbursed or respected for the job of keeping a household together. Underpaid in the workforce out side the home, even while having the same qualification and education level, where is the justice. Men try and be successful at work and running tight a household, I think some things would change quickly.

The Negro Problem of Philadelphia

W. E. B. Dubois study of the black man in Philadelphia was interesting. He not only wanted to study the current state of the black situation or the visible portion, but he was interested in other things. He was concerned about some of the preexisting things that played  a role in causation, that attributed to the harsh social problems, such as poverty, no jobs, below housing standards. Why compared to other minority groups were and are blacks stuck in this situation.  However, these same problems threaten the black community today, in all over this country.