Blog #6: Amazing video

Linked above is an amazing video that a close friend shared with me. This video sheds so much perspective on the larger picture that we deal with as students studying sociology. The purpose that sociology serves is not only to reconcile the present state of affairs with history, but to also work to help shift the current ethos, raising our awareness the power of our agency, as well as to inspire us to be critical of the energy that we create in the world.

I would highly recommend this video!

Hope you enjoy!


3 responses to “Blog #6: Amazing video

  1. Indeed, lots of compelling propositions and questions in here. I think I may go read Rushkoff’s book. I wasn’t aware of the ancient Greek distinction between chronos and kairos — fascinating stuff. Thanks for posting, Y.

    • Thank You! I am glad you enjoyed the video! I am in the process of looking to order Rushkoff’s book as well! In addition to learning a few things about chronos and kairos, I was also most excited to learn about the synchronization between the neurochemicals that dominate our brains during different moon cycles. That is something I would love to look more into! Quite amazing!

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